We did not exhibit the all productions inside our home page.
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Pictures of Products

설명: 설명: D:\HomePage\i-koka\images\symble_asterisk_blue.gifPictures of Some Products click left!

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Product Table

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설명: 설명: D:\HomePage\i-koka\images\q2.gifspare parts for crawler drill

설명: 설명: D:\HomePage\i-koka\images\q2.gifspare parts for drifter(rock drill)

설명: 설명: D:\HomePage\i-koka\images\q2.gifnew drifter(rock drill) made by us

설명: 설명: D:\HomePage\i-koka\images\q2.gifused drifter(rock drill)

설명: 설명: D:\HomePage\i-koka\images\q2.gifused crawler drilling machine
    (mainly, Atlas Boomer Drill)


설명: 설명: D:\HomePage\i-koka\images\pl_furukawa.gif

설명: 설명: D:\HomePage\i-koka\images\pl_atlas.gif

설명: 설명: D:\HomePage\i-koka\images\pl_tamrock.gif

설명: 설명: D:\HomePage\i-koka\images\pl_ingersoll.gif

설명: 설명: D:\HomePage\i-koka\images\pl_toyo.gif

설명: 설명: D:\HomePage\i-koka\images\pl_joy.gif

설명: 설명: D:\HomePage\i-koka\images\8b.gif

drill@i-koka.com  drill.koka@gmail.com

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Drimi Enterprise